BSTFLEX Fire Sleeve Hose Protector MSHA May 12, 2022

BSTFLEX fire sleeve hose protector is MSHA approved (MSHA # IC-384/02) for use in underground mines. (It is not recommended for electrical cables in underground mining application or for the repair of damaged hydraulic hoses.)

The fire sleeve hose protector is made by silicone rubber an fiberglass.

Fire sleeve is sometimes called other names in various uses; such as fire resistant sleeve, pyro-jacket, firejacket or fire-sleeve.

Fire sleeve hose protetor Key features:
Oil And Water Resistant
Can Be Shaped To Fit The Tightest Bends
Includes Fire Tape To Seal Sleeve Ends
Glass Fiber Sleeve With Silicone Rubber Coating
Perfect For Insulating Wires, Oil & Fuel Lines
Protects Against Dirt And Road Grime
Withstands Up To 1650°C Ambient Heat
Withstands560°C Of Direct Continuous Heat

BSTFLEX Fire Sleeve Hose Protector MSHA

BSTFLEX Fire Sleeve Hose Protector MSHA

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